rooftops of tehran造句


  1. Professor Richard Katrovas lauds Wolpe's " Rooftops of Tehran " as " that truly rare event : an important book of poetry.
  2. As the resistance to the Islamic regime grew, recordings of songs from his plays were played on the rooftops of Tehran, identifying Mofid with the opposition.
  3. The poems in Wolp? s second collection, Rooftops of Tehran, were called by poet Nathalie Handal  as vibrant as they are brave,  and Richard Katrovas wrote that its publication was a  truly rare event : an important book of poetry . 
  4. Immediately upon its publication " Rooftops " won critical acclaim as an Indie Next Notable and was selected in the Outstanding Debut Category by the American Booksellers Association . " Rooftops of Tehran " was the One Book Program selection at Villanova University, Broward College's wRites of Spring 2010 final pick, and Earlham College's First Year Experience selection.
  5. According to poet and scholar Tony Barnstone, " In Sholeh Wolpe s Rooftops of Tehran, and unforgettable cast of characters emerges, from the morality policeman with the poison razor blade to the crow-girls flapping their black garments, from the woman with the bee-swarm tattoo emerging from her crotch to the author as a young girl on a Tehran rooftop with a God s eye view  hovering above a city / where beatings, cheatings, prayers, songs, / and kindness are all one color s shades .  Here is a delicious book of poems, redolent of saffron and stained with pomegranate in its vision of Iran and of the immigrant life in California.
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