scope and extent造句


  1. *Finally, there is an active debate on the scope and extent of coverage ongoing here.
  2. "People don't understand the scope and extent of work that is necessary, " he said.
  3. The social groups define the scope and extent of exogamy, and the rules and enforcement mechanisms that ensure its continuity.
  4. The nature of the activities of advocacy groups is highly dependent on the scope and extent on group aims and objectives.
  5. However, the scope and extent of trade, economy and labor cooperation between Vietnam and Africa remains very small compared with our potential.
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  7. It is on the Babyz Web site that you realize the full scope and extent of mind control enabled by this technology ( paging Serling . . . ).
  8. California Deputy Attorney General Thomas Lazar said he is reviewing Marshall's decision " to determine the scope and extent of the court's ruling ."
  9. Until Mr . McNall has a better understanding of the scope and extent of the grand jury investigation, he will have to assert a broad-based Fifth Amendment privilege,
  10. One is free to choose a halachic authority who shares one's world view, and there is also room for debate about the exact scope and extent of the posek's authority.
  11. He called the subpoena's orders " vague, unduly burdensome, often argumentative and beyond the scope and extent of both the subpoenaing party's legal and regulatory authority and subpoena power ."
  12. Kerry Louderback-Wood alleges that by labeling the currently acceptable blood fractions as " minute " in relation to whole blood, the Watch Tower organization causes followers to misunderstand the scope and extent of allowed fractions.
  13. "Presented with detailed information about China's espionage, the administration apparently did not take it seriously, did not react promptly and is still trying to minimize the scope and extent of the damage done ."
  14. No survey approaching the scope and extent of Domesday Book was attempted again in Britain until the 1873 Return of Owners of Land ( sometimes termed the " Modern Domesday " ) which presented the first complete, post-Domesday picture of the distribution of landed property in the British Isles.
  15. Last week, Sweeney approved a $ 10 million settlement between the archdiocese and 86 victims of defrocked priest John J . Geoghan, but MacLeish said many other victims have been reluctant to settle their cases without an accounting from church officials of the full scope and extent of sexual abuse by priests.
  16. After repeated citations, Maryland health officials threatened to revoke Norrell's health care license in Silver Spring, Md . Carol Benner, head of the licensing division at the time, called the problems " very serious violations, the scope and extent of which are rarely seen in home health-care providers ."
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