1. One specific protein stuck to the longer probe, Strittmatter said.
  2. Strittmatter said . " You've got to perform.
  3. Strittmatter was one of the most famous writers in the GDR.
  4. Breslin knows Strittmatter and calls the situation " tragic ."
  5. Strittmatter proposed the class of object in 1972 and added four objects.
  6. It's difficult to find strittmatter in a sentence. 用strittmatter造句挺难的
  7. Strittmatter said the military has not decided what to do with the debris.
  8. Warren Strittmatter, James Burke and Jeffrey Vance.
  9. Strittmatter and Schwab both won major decisions, giving Iowa two extra team points.
  10. Later Strittmatter worked as baker, waiter, chauffeur, zookeeper and unskilled laborer.
  11. Nancy Strittmatter has made cakes in a jar, and here's her take.
  12. He received the Erwin Strittmatter Prize in 1998 and the Georg B點hner Prize in 2000.
  13. Following her husband's death in 1994, Strittmatter edited works from his estate.
  14. Earlier, Jody Strittmatter lost at 125 pounds and defending champion Doug Schwab fell at 141 pounds.
  15. Iowa's Jody Strittmatter, the No . 2 seed at 125, continued to dominate.
  16. People with Huntington's disease have a gene that is loaded with CAG repeats, Strittmatter said.
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