1. He co-founded and served as TrustedID, an identity theft protection company, and Logictier.
  2. Catalog Choice was sold to TrustedID in May 2012, and the proceeds will be distributed through a new foundation.
  3. With the acquisition of Catalog Choice in 2012, TrustedID started offering " opt out " services to United States consumers.
  4. In 2002, Lenet co-founded DFJ Frontier with TrustedID . He has also served on the boards of DigitalPath Networks, BondMart, and Dragnet Solutions.
  5. There he helped conceive and launch a number of well known companies including Swapalease . com, Unsubscribe . com ( sold to TrustedID ), Startups . co, and Fundable . com.
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  7. With the acquisition of Reppler . com in 2011, TrustedID added capabilities in reputation management for individuals, alerting them to content on the Internet which would create negative consequences, especially during life transitions such as college and new job application processes.
  8. TrustedID's initial products, launched in 2006, were focused on helping consumers " freeze " their credit reports, following the advent of legislation that gave individuals the right to stop the three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, from selling and individuals credit data without first getting consumer consent.
  9. Dyson was also an early investor in several tech startups, among them TrustedID, Cygnus Solutions, Flickr ( sold to Yahoo ! ), del . icio . us ( sold to Yahoo ! ), Eventful, Netbeans ( sold to Sun Microsystems ), Powerset, Systinet, ZEDO, CV-Online, Medscape ( now part of WebMD ), Linkstorm, Medstory ( sold to Microsoft ), Meetup, Valkee, Robin Labs and Lexity ( sold to Yahoo ).


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