1. I also use TrustedReviews as they often do quite good reviews too.
  2. Andy Vandervell from TrustedReviews wrote : " The Lumia 1520 is a watershed phone in many respects.
  3. Peter Jenkinson of " TrustedReviews " gave the tablet four out of five stars, praising the form factor and user experience, but bemoaned the downloadable educational games'cost in comparison to apps available on mainstream content platforms . " Laptop Mag "'s Henry T . Casey was less enthusiastic, criticizing the LCD screen quality, the device's weight and performance, stating " The waiting and sluggishness may try the patience of young children, " but otherwise remarked the included software and battery life.
  4. Joanna Stern wrote for " Laptop Magazine " that " The Eee PC S101 is hands-down the best looking mini-notebook we have seen . . . " but went on to note that there were several competing netbooks that offered similar features at lower prices . " TrustedReviews " noted that the S101 visually " pushes all the right buttons " and that overall they believe that the S101 " deserves a recommendation because it's discernibly different from what else is available-something you can't say that often ."
  5. It's difficult to find trustedreviews in a sentence. 用trustedreviews造句挺难的


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