1. A ceiling finish can be applied over the Tyvek or Typar.
  2. Also, shingling over original sheathing will allow you to install Tyvek or Typar under the shingles.
  3. If you put up unwrapped fiberglass, you can staple Tyvek or Typar to the bottom of the joists.
  4. Q . My house is wrapped in Typar, and I plan to put up cedar shingles on the walls.
  5. I discovered today you do have articles on tyvek and typar which are trademarked brand names for spun polymer fabrics.
  6. It's difficult to find typar in a sentence. 用typar造句挺难的
  7. Use, instead, Tyvek or Typar, an air stop but a barrier that allows water vapor to go through it.
  8. A . Use Tyvek, or Typar, similar materials that allow water vapor to go through it but not air, making it ideal as a dust cover.
  9. Tyvek and Typar are sheet materials that allow water vapor to pass through it, but not air, so they add to the heat-stopping value of the fiberglass.
  10. A . UIntil you are ready to put up a regular ceiling ( say, if you use the basement for living space ), staple Tyvek or Typar to the joists.
  11. Of a second seal, which originates from 1561, still exists the original typar and in the second half of the 19th century a simple pictureless seal with words was created.
  12. Tom Kenney, director of laboratory services for the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, said that in addition to Tyvek, which comes from the Dupont Corp ., builders use several other wraps such as Amowrap, Typar and Owens Corning wrap.
  13. I suggest you take the old tarpapar off, and put up Tyvek or Typar, an air-stop material that allows water vapor to pass through it, which would preveown spots that appear on the face of a light-colored paint or stain.


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