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  • Error analysis of doppler radar expanded vad technique
  • Doppler radar ; vad technique
  • Tcker alla fyra horn satsningar med ett enda vad mste vara en multipel av 4
    格子将可一次下注四种horn bets必须是四的倍数。
  • Annex b introduce a voice activity decision ( vad ) algorithm which class speech signal as voice signal and background noise signal
    Annexb提出了一种静音压缩算法( vad ) ,它将语音信号分为话音信号和背景噪声信号。
  • Vad der waals force of the aramid fibers , favor the penetration of dyes into the fibers and increase the dye pickup
  • Those methods are discussed in the third part to find out the different , and self - adjust elevation vad methods can get more valuable wind information
  • Placerade en marker p den horisontella linjen vilken sammankopplar c och e punkterna tillter dig att tcka bde any craps och any eleven satsningar med ett enda vad
    将筹码放在c及e位置之间的横线上将让您一次可下注任何craps及任何eleven 。
  • Om point r etablerad , kommer pass line satsningen utbetala 1 - till - 1 om point r upprepad fre en 7 : a . nsta del frklarar all vad och satsningsmjligheter i detalj
    如果点数已建立,并且该点数于甩出7之前再度出现,那么pass line赌注支付是一比一。
  • Us computational consumption during inactive voice period arouses us of the idea to apply vad into g . 729 . chapter 3 introduces some traditional vad parameters
    第四章和第五章介绍本研究的创新之处: g . 729具体改进方案的理论分析和vhdl硬件描述。
  • Based on all these above , the results of main research are as follows : ( 1 ) a voice activity detection ( vad ) algorithm based on dct band - partitioning spectral entropy is proposed
    本文以此为基础,并取得了如下研究成果: ( 1 )提出了基于dct分带谱熵的语音检测算法。
  • It's difficult to see vad in a sentence. 用vad造句挺难的
  • Experimental results show that the new vad algorithm improves g . 729 ' s overall performance in varying noisy situations . experimental results of comparing with other vad are also presented
    结果证明该技术在白噪声环境下大部分性能比g . 729b (同样应用vad算法来改进g . 729的一个标准算法)优越。
  • Because of the large difference between spectrum of speech and noise and great ability of dct to reduce the correlation of signal , it is advantage to use dct domain spectral entropy to do vad
    由于语音与噪音的频谱区别很大, dct去除信号相关性的能力很强,利用dct谱熵在噪声环境下进行语音检测有其独特的优势。
  • The noise estimation includes vad and updating noise spectrum continuously . the first one is complemented easily , the later aims at actual unstable noise and updates the noise spectrum continuously
    噪声估计分为vad ( voiceactivitydetection )和连续更新噪声谱两种,前者实现简单,后者针对实际非平稳噪声和即时更新噪声。
  • As the pitch doubling and halving problems of nccf algorithm often occurred with varied noises and signal to noise ratio ( snr ) , vad algorithm is employed to separate speech and non - speech segments
  • The changes of mean wind from low - level to high - level can be show from vad technique . we can get the mean wind of certain level only , but no the distributing at different azimuth . so we maybe ignored some local - system
  • Experiment results show their shortages under varying noisy situations . chapter 4 and chapter 5 detail our new algorithm and its implementation . to overcome the traditional vad parameters " poor performance in non - stationary noise , a new vad algorithm based on lp residue is proposed in chapter 4
    其中第四章通过分析语音信号参数的特点,以独创的基于线性预测残余信息的vad参数结合其他几种经典vad算法参数的优点,提出一种新的vad技术来改进现有的g . 729算法。
  • Experimental results in different noises and snr indicated that this vad algorithm can divide speech segments from non - speech segments accurately and reduce voiced - unvoiced error obviously . ( 2 ) an improved dct - hn speech decomposition algorithm based on the harmonic - noise model is presented
    不同噪声、信噪比下的实验结果表明,该算法可以准确区分语音段与非语音段,明显降低了基音检测中清浊误判现象的发生; ( 2 )基于“谐波-噪声”模型提出了一种改进的dct - hn语音分解算法。
  • The research content of the thesis is the speech enhancement technique that is used in the acoustic feedback suppresser . firstly , we searched and compared the methods of noise estimation based on vad and updating the noise spectrum continuously , combined them together to make some improvement . secondly , we research on some speech enhance techniques including short time spectrum analysis speech enhance technique and its improvement form , simulated the algorithms and compared them each other
    本论文研究语音增强技术在声反馈抑制器中的应用,论文的主要工作包括: 1 .对基于vad ( voiceactivitydetection )的噪声估计方法和连续更新噪声谱的方法进行研究和比较,针对仿真结果分析两种噪声估计的性能,并将两者结合起来,做出改进,用于实际的语音增强系统中。
  • Chapter one in this paper gives brief applications of doppler radar , analyses the techniques of wind retrieval ; the second part introduce the methods of dealiasing ; using vad technique , the environmental wind can be extracted . during actual operation , there are two kinds of practice strategies , one is single - elevation vad method , and the other is multi - elevation vad method . there are different between those two methods
  • However g . 729 ' s computation complexity is a little higher for application . taking the advantage of discontinuous transmission , we embed a new algorithm of voice active detection ( vad ) into the original algorithm of g . 729 to improve its efficiency . this algorithm can also reduce the average computation complexity of g . 729
    本研究针对g . 729的特点,提出了一种新的语音激活检测算法,利用该算法对g . 729的不足之处进行改进,提高g . 729的算法效率,降低其平均运算时间,并将该算法用vhdl描述,兑现成硬件。
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