blocking layer中文什么意思

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  • 闭锁层
  • 断流层
  • 阻挡层


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  1. Carrier aggregation on the interface between organic layer and electrodes may screen extra electric field and reduce barrier height for carrier injection . ( 3 ) we utilized oxd as buffer layer in anode and lif in cathode in single layer mehppv pleds . and the efficiency and brightness was doubled . the results implied that aggregation of minority carriers at the interface may the role of blocking layer
    ( 3 )在单层mehppv器件的阳极引入oxd作为电子阻挡修饰层, lif作为阴极修饰层,利用阻挡少数载流子实现界面电荷积累的方法提高了器件发光亮度和效率,分析了器件电流电压特性,使器件发光效率和亮度提高了一倍以上。


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