application for export中文什么意思

发音:   用"application for export"造句
  • 出口报单
  • 出口报关单


  1. Application for export permit
  2. Application for export of feed and feed additives ( to be transferred to council for agricultural planning & development ,
    申请饲料及饲料添加物输出(层转行政院农业委员会发证) 。
  3. Co - ordination with customer , supplier , insurance agent and forwarder . insurance and license application for export import license
  4. The ministry of commerce will spread the list of the enterprises that commit unlawful or wrongful acts and the corresponding written punishment decisions to the local commerce departments , and grant them to stop receiving the export business applications filed by the aforesaid enterprises in accordance with the written punishment decisions made by the environmental protection departments , and such applications cover : applications for export quotas and licenses , examination and approval of processing trade contracts or projects , release of the certificates on processing trade situation and productivity , national and regional export commodity fairs and expos booths , etc
  5. Article xiii for the application for exporting dual - purpose nuclear goods and correlated technologies that has been reviewed and approved , moftec shall issue it a license for the export of dual - purpose nuclear goods and correlated technologies ( to be called license below ) , and notify the customs administration in writing
    第十三条核两用品及相关技术出口申请经审查许可的,由对外贸易经济合作部颁发核两用品及相关技术出口许可证(以下简称出口许可证) ,并书面通知海关。


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