blocking layer中文什么意思

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  • 闭锁层
  • 断流层
  • 阻挡层


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  1. A novel macro - block layer rate control algorithm in low bit - rate
  2. As you grow and come to these higher realms of recognition , you will break through what feels like cement blocks layers of yourself that have held you down
  3. This paper discusses the structure and the properties of optical and electrical properties of a new multiplayer light - blocking layer for lclv ( liquid crystal light valve ) . theoretically discusses the requirement of light blocking layer for lclv
  4. Compared with green light - emitting device , blue oled has many problems such as brightness , efficiency , stability , and color saturation , in this study we investgaited the blue oleds systemically : 1 ) double heterosturcture oled was charaterized . due to the introducing of electron transport layer alq3 and hole - blocking layer balq3 , the energy matching was more reasonable and the carrier injecting was more effective in the double - layer device . the maximum efficiency and luminance of this device attained to 1 . 90 lm / w and 10 , 000 cd / m2 , respectively
    其次,由于一直以来蓝光oled器件的研究处于相对落后的状态,其发光亮度、效率、稳定性和色纯度都无法绿光器件相比,所以本论文在以下几个方面对蓝光器件的性能进行了系统的研究: 1 )研究了双异质型蓝光oled器件,由于本研究引入了空穴阻挡层,使得载流子的复合和激子的扩散被限定在发光层内,器件的发光效率达到了1 . 90lm / w ,最大亮度达到了10000cd / m2 ,比传统结构器件的效率和亮度提高了约一个数量级; 2 )制备了结构为ito / npb / balq3 / alq3 / mg : ag的oled器件,研究发现,当改变各有机层厚度时,器件的电致发光光谱发生了从绿光到蓝光的移动。
  5. The optimal combination of the blocking layer and dielectric mirror is ascertained by the research of the optical performance of the blocking layer and the dielectric mirror . it is that the thickness of the blocking layer is more than 1 . 3um and the layer - number of the dielectric is 9 . the combination of the multiplayer - film is the primary problem which presence at the fabrication of lclv
    本文通过对阻光层和介质镜反射层的光学特性研究,用实验的方法确定了反射率最大而透过率最小的阻光层和介质镜反射层最佳组合为:阻光层厚度在1 . 3 m以上,介质镜层数为9层。


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