check formula中文什么意思

发音:   用"check formula"造句
  • check:    n. 1.(象棋)将军(!),被将军 ...
  • formula:    n. (pl. formulas, ...
  • by formula:    按公式
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  1. Some classical chaotic systems are used to check formula , the result indicate the values calculated by the programs accord with the theory values
  2. By analyzed interactions of combined limit pipe load components , simplified check formula for pipe load strength are put forward and the calculation method of relevant allowable pipe load values based on shell finite element analysis is presented as well
  3. On the basis of investigations into the progressive yield process and the possible failure modes of rcc gravity dams , the quasi - elasticity design limit state of the ctrtical stability criterion is proposed and the real working state of the dams designed according to the ctriterion is discussed . a check formula using the material strength reducing factor as the safety index and a simplified formula similar to against sliding stability fromula are derived . finally , the corresponding design safety factors are given by using fem calculations with various influence parameters to be taken into account


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