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  1. Nowadays , with the economic development and the extending scale of the civil engineering construction , the disposing to original foundation has been more and more taken into account as a segment in designing and working . the method of cement flyash gravel piles composite foundation has been widely used due to its great advantages such as the economizing on material , the fast speed on working and the fine effect on consolidating , especially , the raising and practicing on the multiple designing methods of cement flyash gravel piles composite foundation , which has been played an important role in the development of the theory and practice of composite foundation in recent years
    目前,随着经济的发展,土木工程建设规模的扩大,对原有软弱地基的处理成为建筑设计和施工越来越被关注的环节, cfg桩复合地基法以其用材经济、施工快捷、加固效果良好等优点,在工程上得到了广泛的应用,特别是近年来cfg桩复合地基多种设计方法的提出与实践,对复合地基理论和实践的发展起到了重要的作用。


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