1. At the time, the communized Sigurana followed closely the PND's activities.
  2. The Saudi government communized Islam, through its monopoly of both religious thoughts and practice.
  3. He was accused of radicalism and of trying to  communize American agriculture . " Against this opposition.
  4. Mao's next fevered move to push China into socialism was the Great Leap Forward to communize agriculture.
  5. His persistence in this regard contributed to the relief effort organized by communized people's republic was proclaimed.
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  7. The government, in its doctrinaire efforts to communize the commercial, market-oriented Southern economy, faced several paradoxes.
  8. Little is known about Roller's activity in early 1944, when the change of fortunes on the communized Romania.
  9. Communalism is used sometimes in quotation marks, yet elsewhere scientific products are described without them as " communized ".
  10. Jan Parys, Olszewski's defense minister, actively pursued efforts to de-communize the Polish Armed Forces and establish civilian ministerial control.
  11. They sound much like the last century's revolutionaries who thought they could democratize ( i . e . communize ) the means of production.
  12. And this leads to her being mistaken as a science teacher by a confused recruiter from a newly de-Communized Eastern European mini-country called Slovetzia.
  13. De-communizing a country as hobbled as Russia has turned out to be a far more intractable process than either Russian reformers or Western analysts ever imagined.
  14. First, she said, echoing some of the words of her father, " North Korea must give up its ambition to communize the south ."
  15. Baciu was present at the PSDR Congress of March 10, 1946, which resulted in the party's absorption into a communized " Workers'Party ".
  16. In Vietnam we tried to duplicate that accomplishment but failed after years of bloody fighting, when we moved out and the enemy moved from the North to communize the South.
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