1. Rijckholt was a separate municipality until 1943, when it was merged with Gronsveld.
  2. The Count of Gronsveld fell in 1758 at the instigation of Willem Bentinck van Rhoon.
  3. In the fourth single  Straight Till The End yet another singer was introduced ( Nathalie Van Gronsveld ).
  4. From 1828 until 1982 it was part of Sint Geertruid and of Gronsveld, whereas in the last mentioned year it completely became part of Margraten ).
  5. Its first and most famous count was Josse Maximilaan van Gronsveld n?van Bronckhorst who fought in the Thirty Years'War and invented the Gronsfeld cipher, a substitution cipher.
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  7. This village is one of the few that has been part of four municipalities at the same time and later on of two . ( Until 1828 parts of it belonged to Gronsveld, to Breust, to Rijckholt and to Valkenburg.
  8. R . van de Velde-Lagendijk and G . M . Vogelsang-Eastwood, " Kanten mutsen uit Nederland / Dutch Lace Caps ", Rotterdam and Gronsveld, Barjesteh, 2007 ( in Dutch and English ).


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