1. The injury will keep Lisztes out of action for six months.
  2. Ten minutes later, Lisztes scored on a rebound from 10 meters.
  3. Krisztian Lisztes made it 3-1 in the 52nd.
  4. Kristztian Lisztes got Hungary's ( 65th ).
  5. Lisztes was injured in Bremen's 0-0 draw Sunday in Bochum.
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  7. Lisztes said in a statement distributed by Werder.
  8. In the l8th minute, midfielder Krisztian Lisztes passed the ball to striker Istvan Vincze.
  9. Lisztes scored the winner in the 56th minute _ again on a Newcastle defensive error.
  10. Ten minutes later, Lisztes scored on a rebound from 10 yards ( meters ).
  11. Stuttgart took the lead in the 66th minute through Kriszian Lisztes, the Hungarian midfielder.
  12. Another key player, Krisztian Lisztes, has refused until now to extend his contract.
  13. Zsolt Nagy gave Ferencvaros the lead 15 minutes later and Lisztes increased the cushion just before halftime.
  14. But bad defense again cost the English side when Lisztes scored his second in the 56th minute.
  15. Ailton scored eight minutes later followed by Krisztian Lisztes and Victor Skripnik's second half goals.
  16. Lisztes took a pass at the 18-yard ( meter ) line and hammered the ball behind Srnicek.
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