1. studies on pelleting of hedgsarum scoparium seeds by aerial sowing
  2. the perennial vegetation is expected to a . ordosica dominated and h . scoparium stably co-existed, together with an annual plant population of e . poaeoides and b . dasyphylla, which is greatly fluctuated with annual precipitation pattern
  3. the reproductive strategy of plants in shapotou played an essential role for vegetation stability . high resistance to drought and long life span enableed hedysarum scoparium and caragana korshinski to adapt themselves to the harsh environments
  4. the reproductive characteristics and population structure of artemisia ordosica, hedysantm scoparium, caragana korshinskii and the reproductive characteristics of annual plants eragrostis poaeoides and bassia dasyphylla were observed in shapotou artificial revegetation area . stability of the artificial vegetation was appraised from the views of its persistence and variability under local natural condition . the study showed that : the artificial-natural vegetation built with sandbreaks and plants is stable in shapotou area
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