1. "Astropecten scoparius " mostly breeds between June and August.
  2. Native flowering plants include those of the genus " Cistus " and the common broom ( " Cytisus scoparius " ), though these species are not abundant.
  3. This new population lays eggs on an additional food plant ( common deerweed, " Lotus scoparius " ) but shares physical and behavioral characteristics with the other now-extinct populations.
  4. The mouse's diet consists of shrub fruits, seeds, and flowers, such as of " Rhus integrifolia, Lotus scoparius ", and " Salvia apiana ".
  5. In the Macaronesian Islands, several species ( such as " Asparagus umbellatus " and " Asparagus scoparius " ) grow in moist laurel forest habitat, and preserve the original form of a leafy vine.
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  7. The flower buds and flowers of " Cytisus scoparius " have been used as a salad ingredient, raw or pickled, and were a popular ingredient for salmagundi or " grand sallet " during the 17th and 18th century.
  8. On " Ulex " and " Cytisus scoparius ", they make a small hole in a bud that is not fully open and feed on the interior of the flower, before repeating the process in another flower.
  9. It can fairly easily be mistaken for its wild parent " Cytisus scoparius " that is an invasive pest in many parts of the West Coast of the United States and Canada .'Lena'is a well-behaved desirable shrub.
  10. The entire species was originally thought to be particular only to the locoweed or rattlepod ( " Astragalus trichopodus lonchus " ), but the population rediscovered in 1994 used common deerweed ( " Lotus scoparius " ) as its larval food plant.
  11. They can mostly be encountered from May through August feeding on nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers ( for instance of " Lavandula stoechas ", " Cytisus scoparius ", " Thapsia villosa ", etc . ).
  12. A mutualism between ants and larvae has been observed during the instars of butterfly development . " G . l . palosverdesensis " has a host-parasite relationship with its larval food plants, " Astragalus lonchus " and " Lotus scoparius ".
  13. A study comparing the effects of the hemiparasite on native " Leptospermum myrsinoides " and the invasive legume " Cytisus scoparius ", found that Cassytha had little to no effect on the Leptospermum and significantly decreased the biomass and physiological capabilities of the introduced legume.
  14. New Zealand broom is not closely related to the European species " Cytisus scoparius ", common broom, which has been introduced to New Zealand, where it is commonly known as " Scotch broom " and is classed as a noxious weed because of its invasiveness.
  15. Now while it's true that there is some ( real-life ) connection between Cytisus _ scoparius and Broom _ % 28shrub % 29, some automatism behind the scenes shouldn't be keeping editors from doing what they see fit, this being just an example, after all.
  16. After threshing is finished, to avoid mixing the dirty remnants with the clean, new stalks, the threshing floor must be cleaned first with a rake to move the heavier material, and then with several brooms ( in the narrow sense : they are typically made from " broom shrub "  " Cytisus scoparius "  and are stronger than domestic brooms ).
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