1. The main high school is 蒫ole secondaire l'Horizon.
  2. I have left futher comments at talk : 蒫ole Secondaire Catholique Garneau.
  3. The Enseignement secondaire is divided into two stages : general academic and specialized.
  4. Following some renovations, 蒫ole secondaire du Sacr?CSur opened in 2003.
  5. Their secondary school is 蒫ole secondaire catholique Embrun.
  6. It's difficult to find secondaire in a sentence. 用secondaire造句挺难的
  7. Currently the school is 蒫ole secondaire public Deslauriers.
  8. It is also the home of the 蒫ole secondaire Saint-Charles high school.
  9. The school scenes are at 蒫ole secondaire du Ch阯e-Bleu, in Pincourt.
  10. Langlais played high school football at 蒫ole secondaire Mont-Bleu for Les Panth鑢es.
  11. The next level is " 蒫ole Secondaire ", which is made up of seven grades.
  12. Beloeil also has a French-language high school, the " 蒫ole Secondaire Polybel ".
  13. Masses for the French Roman Catholic Community are held at the Chapel in the 蒫ole secondaire catholique Renaissance.
  14. The committee also recommended that this centre be created and integrated at 蒫ole secondaire publique De La Salle.
  15. He later worked at Lower Town's 蒫ole secondaire publique De La Salle as an education counsellor.
  16. "' 蒫ole secondaire catholique Th閞iault "'is a secondary school located in Timmins, Ontario.
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