1. Linda Secondari-Black, a resident, said of the crowd.
  2. Secondari-Black, expecting her first baby any day, had her own troubles.
  3. Secondari married Rita Hume in 1948, but she died in a car accident in Mallorca, Spain.
  4. The film's main title song " Coins in the Fountain " by John H . Secondari.
  5. In 1961, Rogers married John H . Secondari with whom she co-produced " Saga of Western Man ".
  6. It's difficult to find secondari in a sentence. 用secondari造句挺难的
  7. Secondari's 1952 novel " Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning ABC television series " Saga of Western Man ".
  8. She called for help from officials all the way up to Sen . Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Freed escorted Secondari-Black's husband through the security line.
  9. The film was adapted for the screen by Edith R . Sommer, based on the novel " Coins in the Fountain " by John H . Secondari, and was directed by Jean Negulesco.
  10. Soon after arriving in New York, Almansi introduced the Cerletti-Bini device to Impastato, whose growing reputation in America had caught the attention of Dr . E . Secondari, one of Almansi's former psychiatry professors.


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