1. Cadillac's Stabilitrak operates in a more quiet, almost transparent manner.
  2. It also has GM's StabiliTrak handling system.
  3. Stabilitrak automatic stability system and a built-in garage-door opener.
  4. It sports an upgraded chassis, wider stance and StabiliTrak vehicle stability control system.
  5. An Electronic Trailer Sway Control was introduced that integrated into the standard StabiliTrak system.
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  7. In 2004, Stability Control ( Stabilitrak ) was added to all passenger vans.
  8. For surefooted performance, the car comes with Stabilitrak, Cadillac's computerized stability enhancement system.
  9. But you'd lose the StabiliTrak, and just as importantly, you would lose some power.
  10. Tied into both systems is vehicle skid control, similar to Mercedes'ESP and Cadillac's Stabilitrak.
  11. GM's StabiliTrak brand electronic stability control was standard on all models including the very base LS model.
  12. Other performance features of the SSEi not found on the lesser models include the StabiliTrak computer-controlled suspension system.
  13. Other GXP features include standard Stabilitrak traction control, a limited-slip differential, and anti-lock brakes.
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  15. The Seville, too, has an all-speed traction control and Stabilitrak, a stability system that helps to prevent skids.
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