1. At that moment the Tainos realized that these were no gods.
  2. The Puerto Rican Indians, called Tainos, rebelled in 1511.
  3. About 50 years later, the Tainos there were extinct.
  4. Many Tainos fled to the mountainous region to escape slavery.
  5. They said the Tainos are extinct and we're all a blend.
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  7. Tainos on other Caribbean islands experienced a similar fate.
  8. The Tainos welcomed Columbus by showing him where to find gold nuggets in riverbeds.
  9. Hundreds of thousands Tainos living on the island were enslaved to work in gold mines.
  10. Tainos made masa from cassava and malanga.
  11. Tainos inhabited the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico when Columbus arrived.
  12. By 1500, the Tainos on the island provided Santo Domingo with most of its cassava.
  13. The Tainos were the indians living in Puerto Rico when Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493.
  14. Beeker says the Tainos may have cast the objects into the water as offerings to their gods.
  15. However, the Tainos were quickly defeated due to the Spaniards'better weaponry and war expertise.
  16. Within two centuries of Columbus'arrival the Tainos who inhabited the Caribbean had been slaughtered or enslaved.
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