1. The Tainoceratidae gave rise to the Rhiphaeoceratidae which are confined to the Permian.
  2. "Anoploceras " is a Middle and Upper Triassic nautiloid included in the Tainoceratidae, known from eastern Europe.
  3. "Tylonautilus " is a member of the Tainoceratidae which, with other related families, forms the nautiloid superfamily Tainocerataceae.
  4. The Rutoceratidae gave rise to the exclusively Devonian Tetragonoceratidae and early on the Mississippian or late the Devonian to the Tainoceratidae and Koninckioceratidae.
  5. Three families, the Tainoceratidae, Tetragonoceratidae, and Rhiphaeoceratidae are in common with the Tainocerataeae, but with somewhat different meaning and content.
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  7. The Encoiloceratidae, Gzheloceratidae, Mosquoceratidae, and Pleuronautilidae are found in the Tainoceratidae; the Temnocheilidae in the Koninckioceratidae, and the Actubonautilidae in the Rhiphaeoceratidae.
  8. This is opposite from the development of the Tainoceratidae in which the number of genera expands in the Permian and Triassic from a more feeble beginning rather than diminishes.
  9. The family Tainoceratidae, in contrast, extends to almost to the end of the Triassic and during the Early Permian, possibly gave rise to the small family, Rhiphaeoceratidae.
  10. Rhiphaeoceratidae was named by Ruzhencev and Shimansky in 1954 are, according to K黰mel ( 1964 ), derived from the Tainoceratidae, although no genus stands out as possible ancestor.
  11. ""'Tainonautilus " "'is an extinct coiled cephalopod that lived during the Permian and Early Triassic which is included in the nautiloid family Tainoceratidae.
  12. According to K黰mel ( 1964 ) the Pleuronautilidae might be considered a subfamily within the Tainoceratidae, which would include, " Encoiloceras ", the only genus in the Encoiloceratidae.
  13. Tainoceratidae forms the larger of the two branches of the superfamily Tainocerataceae derived from the earlier family Rutoceratidae around the end of the Devonian or early in the Mississippian ( Lower Carboniferous ).
  14. ""'Germanonautilus " "'is a nautilid family Tainoceratidae, found widespread in the Triassic of North America, Europe, Asia, and north Africa.
  15. ""'Tainoceras " "'is an extinct coiled cephalopod that live during the later part of the Paleozoic and Triassic, that belongs to the nautiloid family Tainoceratidae.
  16. "' Tainoceratidae "'is a family of late Paleozoic and Triassic nautiloids that are a part of the order Nautilida, characterized by large, generally evolute shells with quadrate to rectangular whorl sections.
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