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  • Team - the european anti - maastricht movement
  • Report on the highlights of 2003 meeting of iso tc61 in maastricht
  • The amsterdam treaty in 1997 further strengthened the conditions of the maastricht agreement
  • On february 7 , 1992 , the maastricht treaty was passed marking the formal founding of the european union
  • In order to join the euro a country must be a member of the european union and be able to pa economic tests set out by the maastricht treaty
  • In order to join the euro a country must be a member of the european union and be able to pass economic tests set out by the maastricht treaty
  • Indeed , if you look at these figures , china also meets all the maastricht criteria which have been laid down for introduction of european monetary union
  • Indeed , if you look at these figures , china also meets all the maastricht criteria which have been laid down for the introduction of european monetary union
  • These findings constitute the current european guidelines ( the maastricht consensus 2000 ) for ulcer prevention in patients with coronary heart disease , stroke and arthritis
    是次研究结果获纳入现时的欧洲预防冠心病、中风及关节炎病患者患上溃疡的护理指引( themaastrichtconsensus2000 ) 。
  • This report impelled the european economic integration to enter a new stage . in december 1991 all heads of the european economic community passed the european union treaty , which was also called “ maastricht treaty ”
  • It's difficult to see maastricht in a sentence. 用maastricht造句挺难的
  • And if one assesses the emerging markets of asia against the maastricht criteria , one can conclude rather conveniently that asian monetary co - operation , implying asian monetary union , is a non - starter
  • To avoid this , expansion has often been timed to coincide with treaty changes : a key motive for the treaties of maastricht , amsterdam and nice was the knowledge that the east europeans were waiting in the wings
  • The 1992 maastricht treaty proposed a single currency between these nations ? the united kingdom , denmark , and later sweden opted out of these plans ? and established the rules for joining , which included targets for inflation , interest rates , and budget deficits
    1992年马斯特里赫特条约建议在这些国家内实行统一的货币(英国、丹麦,以及其后的瑞典都决定退出这项计划) ,并制订了参与的规则,包括通货膨胀的程度、利率及预算赤字等。
  • Whether the new member states are mature enough to join the euro area has been determined by two standard : one is the legal standard based on the convergence criteria of the maastricht treaty , the other one is the theoretical standard rested on the optimum currency area theory
  • As fiscal risk becomes more and more striking , academy circle issued many articles discussing on this issue with different opinions , but most of them refer to the requirements ruled by maastricht treaty , which are compulsory to those nations who want to join the euro system , or simply amend these requirements according to the actuality in china
    日益凸现的财政风险,引起了各界人士的热切关注,学术界就此各抒己见,但绝大多数都是参照《马斯特利赫特条约》对要求加入欧元体系国家的指标1 ,或者是针对中国的实际对这些指标加以修正2 。
  • Yehuda emmanuel safran studied at saint martin s school of art , the royal college of art and universitycollege , london . he taught at the architectural association , goldsmith s college , chelseaschool of art and the royal college of art , london ; as well as fine art and theory at the janvan eyckacademy , maastricht , holland
    Yehuda safran在伦敦艺术大学圣马丁艺术学院,皇家艺术学院以及伦敦大学大学学院完成他的教育,曾在伦敦建筑联盟,伦敦大学格登史密斯学院,伦敦艺术大学却尔西学院以及皇家艺术学院任教,并在荷兰maastricht的janvan eyck academy兼任教授美术与艺术理论。
  • Britain is an important country of europe , but it is not actually initiator of the european economic community and it was even against from establishing this kind of organization at the beginning . until january 1 , 1973 , it had joined officially . in 1993 , when maastricht treaty became effective officially , the british government was endowed with the right to
  • Following the establishment of the european coal and steel community in 1951 , europe marched toward progressively tighter unification through establishment of the european economic community ( eec or “ common market ” ) and the international atomic energy agency ( iaea ) in 1957 by the treaty of rome ; transformation of the eec into the european union ( eu ) in 1992 via the maastricht treaty signed in the netherlands ; establishment of the single market in 1993 ; and monetary unification ( conversion of national currencies into the euro ) in 2002
  • Increasing fluid intake by about a liter per day appears to have no negative effects in healthy older men , dutch researchers report . dr . mark g . spigt of maastricht university and colleagues note in the journal of the american geriatric society that older people are often dehydrated , partly because their sensation of thirst may be blunted
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