capital increase and share expansion中文什么意思

发音:   用"capital increase and share expansion"造句
  • 增资扩股
  • capital:    n. 【建筑】柱头。
  • increase:    vt. 增加,增大,增多;增强,增进 ...
  • share:    n. 犁头;犁铧;(播种机等的)刃 ...
  • expansion:    n. 1.张开,伸展。 2.扩大;扩 ...


  1. The company focuses on capital operation : at the very beginning of incorporation it realized elevation of registered capital by means of two large - scaled capital increase and share expansion and four changes , doubled corporate scale , ascended to be a large - sized real estate development enterprise in guizhou , and reproduced legend of evergrande speed


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