1. Later that night, Bronny has a nightmare of a wolf.
  2. As Bronny puts it : " Orwell s work was a key inspiration behind this album.
  3. Bronny's mother finds Mikey trying to kill her cat, much to Peter s disbelief.
  4. They take Stephanie to a hospital for help, leaving Mikey at Bronny's mother's house.
  5. Bronny finds a wall on fire in Mikey's room, but Peter rules out the possibility of ghosts.
  6. It's difficult to find bronny in a sentence. 用bronny造句挺难的
  7. Each Tribal Machine album is subtitled as a  chapter, and Bronny's goal is to produce 10 chapters.
  8. Bronny finds that the sink keeps turning on, and Stephanie sees handprints on a steamy mirror, both of which Mikey blames on  Jenny.
  9. Bronny catches her, and she and Peter learn that Stephanie has been throwing up for a while; there are many such containers under her bed.
  10. At home, Bronny searches online for answers to the strange activity and learns about the Anasazi Indians, who believed that demons were bound to rocks hidden in underground caves.


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