1. my ancestors had been for many years counsellors and syndics of the republic .
  2. author present : zaowen gan, graduate student graduation, professor of economic management collage guangzhou china, head of the laboratory of education and research in economy law, syndic member of chinese law association
  3. muyi : graduated from the music dept of shandong normal college, now i am the member of zaozhuang musician association . syndic of zaozhuang music education seminar, senior music teacher of middle school, teaching flute for many years and want to learn more from friends
  4. chairman of west east artists association, president of tianjin longhai painting and calligraphy institute, chairman of jinghai artists association, the member of chinese calligraphists association and the syndic of education committee in chinese education institute
  5. it starts with the definition of director, pointing out that director refers to the principal who has the rights to attend directorate meetings, participate in decision-making of company's important management affair and delegate the company, including board chairman, vice board chairman, executive director, director, administrative officer and syndic . at the same time, this article takes the legal status of director ( namely the relationship between director and company ) for the basis of establishing director liability . this kind of relationship has many theories such as entrustment, deputing and commission regarding to different legal culture tradition of different countries
  6. It's difficult to find syndics in a sentence. 用syndics造句挺难的
  7. "jiali " is the member of material resource market of sinopec and cnpc, general syndic of china petroleum equipment industrial association, the recommending manufacturer of pla, china aviation oil corporation, china shipping oil and national petroleum storage base, top ten of china petrochemical equipment manufacture industry, has great reputation and influence in our industry
  8. he was graduate form conductor department of shanghai conservatory of music . before he studied abroad, he had been the syndic conductor of shanghai symphony orchestra . during his study in colon conservatory, his got the phd of conduct and the master s degree of piano . then he back to china in 1985 . after that he hold the post of the chief conductor of shanghai symphony orchestra, and make the orchestra played in german, french, italy, switzerland, us, and janpan etc, and received much prize . in 1987, he was recorded in the cambridge international biography centre as one of the world celebrity


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